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How to automate candlestick pattern trading strategies

Discover how to create automation using code-free commands to backtest, simulate or run live candlestick strategies, including both reversal and continuation patterns, to enhance your current trading strategy. Join us today for the second webinar from our automation series. It’s not too late to sign up, but you’ll need to do it now. The topic of this month’s session is ‘How to automate candlestick pattern trading strategies.

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In this 45-minute session, we will show you how to use to monitor the markets for the pattern you’re looking for, and then execute your trades precisely when that pattern occurs. We will walk you through defining any candlestick pattern using’s natural language processor. Join this free live training and learn how to test & fully automate any candlestick pattern trading strategy – no code or technical knowledge needed! We will also discuss best practices to use when automating your trading, and run some backtests to demonstrate how you can test the pattern you’re following and find out if it is really working as expected.  

The webinar starts today at 10 AM UTC (9 PM AEDT). Don’t hesitate to book your place and learn from the automation experts.

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