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Binance to Exit US in Deal: Bitcoin Peaks Above $37,000, a Look at the Recent Upswing

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is poised to completely withdraw from the U.S. market while complying with substantial fines and initiating a five-year oversight program. This development comes in the wake of its settlement with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), the U.S. Treasury Department’s divisions that enforce anti-money laundering and sanctions.

Settlement Details: Fines and Leadership Changes

Under the terms of the settlement, Binance will pay $3.4 billion to FinCEN and $968 million to OFAC. These payments are a response to accusations from both agencies that Binance violated the Bank Secrecy Act and multiple sanctions programs. In addition, Binance has agreed to pay $4.3 billion in fines and forfeitures to the U.S. Department of Justice over charges of sanctions law violations and insufficient customer identification measures. As part of this agreement, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Binance’s founder and CEO, will resign from his position.

Binance’s Exit Strategy and Compliance Monitoring

Moreover, as part of its settlement with FinCEN, Binance will execute a “complete exit” from the U.S. market. The crypto exchange will also appoint a monitor for a five-year term to ensure the company’s compliance with sanctions. During this period, the U.S. Treasury Department will have access to Binance’s records and systems.

Implications of the Settlement and Future of Binance.US

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen noted that this action marks the largest settlement in the department’s history. A high-ranking official highlighted the unprecedented nature of this arrangement, underscoring that it addresses serious misconduct while ensuring Binance’s total departure from the U.S. market. The official also clarified that Binance.US, doing business as BAM Trading Services—a U.S. affiliate of Binance—holds the status of a registered money services business and will thus remain unaffected by Binance’s exit.

Accusations Against Binance

The agencies alleged that Binance allowed individuals affiliated with Hamas, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, North Korea, and other sanctioned jurisdictions, along with money launderers and malicious cyber actors, to use its platform. They stated, “By failing to comply with AML and sanctions obligations, Binance enabled a range of illicit actors to transact freely on the platform.”

Bitcoin’s Price Resurgence: A Look at the Recent Upswing

Data from TradingView data recently revealed a noticeable resurgence in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), peaking at $37,870. Following this high, the market cooled slightly, hovering around $37,500—a stark contrast to the situation just a day earlier.

BTCUSD Daily Chart


Potential U.S. Legal Actions Spur Market Movements

Previously, jitters over potential U.S. legal action against Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, triggered a wave of long liquidations that bottomed out at weekly lows. Yet, the subsequent recovery was just as remarkable, catching some in the market off guard with its robustness.

Speculation Surrounding Bitcoin ETF Approval Intensifies

Speculation regarding a possible U.S. approval for a Bitcoin spot price exchange-traded fund (ETF) is once again circulating, with some speculating it could be less than 50 days away. The unfolding events at Binance might have set an opportune stage for the first-ever U.S. sanctioning of this highly anticipated institutional investment product.

Binance Events: A Catalyst for Institutional Investment Product Approval?

The ongoing situation at Binance may have created the perfect backdrop for the first-ever U.S. authorization of a much-anticipated institutional investment product. The impact of this event on the crypto market could be significant, potentially triggering further price increases in Bitcoin.

A New Era for Traditional Finance: The Potential Impact of Bitcoin ETF Approval

Echoing this sentiment, a bitcoin trader suggested that the current circumstances may be paving the way for a BTC price surge, driven by demand fostered through the ETF. He added that irrespective of the immediate impact on price, the approval would mark “the start of a significant multi-decade traditional finance allocation.” This presents an exciting prospect for the integration of cryptocurrency into more traditional financial markets.


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