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Forex Trading Services

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What are forex services?

Do I need forex trading services?

Forex trading is a global marketplace where international currencies are traded. The forex market is the largest global market and it is open 24 hours a day. The Forex exchange market even exceeds the global equities market more than 20 times.

To participate in forex trading you need to use a forex broker to be able to have access to the trading platform. TraderFactor is offering all the services of our forex brokers partners and even extends the broker's services to some level.

What are the main forex services?

The most widespread forex services that TraderFactor is offering are Free Trading Lessons and Webinars, Expert Advisors EA's, reviews and tips about the best Smart Trading Tools, comprehensive Forex Video Lessons, exceptional One to One Training for VIP clients, and Cryptocurrency trading and investing lessons, trading tips and signals.

Due to the fact that there are too many economic events and news that affect the forex market one must learn the basics of trading and reading forex market fundamentals and drivers to be successful.

That's why TraderFactor strives to offer to its users the best Trading Lessons and webinars out there along with very in-depth video lessons and chart readings related to the forex market.

Crypto trading services

Cryptocurrency trading is the hottest thing among the youth generations lately and smart contracts are evolving at a very fast pace in general so it's becoming more and more important to know the basics of what drives the crypto market.

Another very important aspect is to be able to evaluate the crypto projects behind a particular coin so to be able to assess the risk rate of investing in a particular crypto token or cryptocurrency.

That's why we at TraderFactor strive to be at the cutting age of the latest trends by offering the best crypto trading brokers to our clients and providing the most important crypto trading lessons.

One to One trading education

To our VIP clients, TraderFactor is providing One to One Training and special trading signals that are for more advanced traders and investors. The One to One sessions can be a very powerful tool for every retail or professional trader that wants to move their trading strategy to the next level.