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Trezor Wallet Review

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Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallet is a Czech Republic device that has been around for around nine years. The company behind this hardware wallet is known as SatoshiLabs.

The crypto wallet is versatile and can hold a plethora of cryptos, like bitcoins, altcoins as well as tokens.

The first Trezor device was made in 2014, and in 2016, the next-gen Model T was launched. As a flagship product, the wallet is packed with top-notch features to enhance the experience for users. Of course, at more cost.

In this post, we have a comprehensive Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallet review, features, different versions, fees, and any valuable information. Let’s jump straight in!

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What is Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet?

First up, the Trezor wallet for crypto is a tiny gadget that you’ll attach to your PC through USB. 

It works fully offline or in cold storage and lets you sign in or verify the private keys even without connectivity.

Trezor wallet cryptocurrencies feature high-level security, including passwords and PIN codes. 

Therefore Trezor crypto wallet hack is not possible under the circumstances.. Currently, the firm prides of 1 million-plus sales over the years.

In this discussion we explore two Trezor crypto wallets; 

  • Trezor One
  • Trezor Model T
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Trezor One

Trezor One crypto hardware wallet was launched in 2014 and is popular among users. If you are looking for a cost-friendly option, the Trezor One version is worthy of consideration. It costs approximately $59.

Trezor Model T

The Trezor Model T crypto hardware wallet debuted in 2018 and is a next-gen model. It has tweaks and improvements but costs more than the Trezor One model. The device goes for $169.

Another feature of the T model is the SD card slot. It also has an RGB-color touch screen and Shamir backup, a highly-advanced distributed seed.

Another unique feature is the FIDO2 authenticator, along with a touch screen.

Summary of Trezor One and Trezor Model T Crypto Hardware Wallets.

Hardware wallet the safest way to manage & trade cryptocurrencies
  1. Security

When buying a crypto hardware wallet, the first question in your mind should be the security of your digital assets. 

Notably, the company behind the Trezor hardware wallet for storing cryptos is earnest on matters to do with security. As a matter of fact, they have broad-based security protocols that ensure the members’ funds or cryptos are safe.

Both Trezor hardware wallets operate an open-source mechanism and have a robust security system. As well, they can support multiple digital wallets. 

Standard wallet, my bitcoins page

In addition, the wallets offer ample protection to your crypto codes thanks to the highly-secure admin SSH login. It also prevents access to all your private data, including the servers.

The 2FA authentication is a unique feature of the Trezor crypto wallets, and this includes securing your accounts with personal or private keys. Indeed it uses a 2FA authentication feature known as FIDO/U2F.

Unlike some platforms that rely solely on password recovery, with Trezor, you can’t perform any transaction without PIN authentication.

The interface supports passphrases such as BIP39, which are not stored on the device. Therefore, this protects your digital assets against hackers. 

Another important security feature is the Trezor bootloader or the operating system that erases its memory upon detecting an invalid signature. Therefore, if your Trezor wallet is exposed to some form of vulnerability, the memory is deleted, and this protects your assets.

Additionally, the trezor wallet cryptocurrencies bootloader verifies the firmware’s signature and will only operate if there’s an accurate sign-in. 

Lastly, if the external case is broken, replacement is impossible due to the highly-advanced ultrasonic welding. 

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  • A Robust Application

Trezor has a new PC app or suite with all the features needed to provide a remarkable user experience. 

Besides that, the Trezor crypto hardware app offers a one-stop-shop for your blockchain needs. For a speedy transaction, you can incorporate the replace-by-fee function. 

In addition, it has the Tor Switch feature that enables you to stay anonymous during a connection.

  • GPG Feature

Another incredible feature of the crypto wallet Trezor is the GPG integration that enables users to manage their emails and passwords or encrypt personal files. 

Upon joining the platform, generate the GPG keys and store them on your Trezor wallet in place of the PC.

To be pointed out here, the GPG feature comes in handy when you lose your PC through theft or misplacement. In this case, you’ll be able to access the private keys with this device. 

Therefore this ensures you restore your personal keys with the backup feature.

The safe place for your coins
  • Multiple Cryptos Support

The Trezor wallet hardware for cryptos offers a secure environment where you can store multiple cryptos, tokens, and altcoins.

  • Firmware Firmware Updates

Each time you load your Trezor T, the device sends a firmware check request – this will check to see if the firmware is officially the firmware and not some disguised malware at the same time and if it’s up to date.

What are Trezor Crypto Hardware Wallet Fees?

The Trezor hardware wallet charges depend on the version. Whereas the Model T goes for $169, the Trezor One costs $59. 

Despite the high cost of the Trezor Model T, the device is loaded with highly-advanced features. 

You can also purchase the Safe Ultimate Pack kit, including Trezor Model T, Trezor One, and a Cryptosteel capsule, for $ 274.

Trezor security

Pros of Trezor Crypto Hardware Wallet

  • Up to three security layers safeguard the wallet from unauthorized logins.
  • It has an open-source structure that allows you to have 100% control. You can even customize and run independently, depending on your needs.
  • It lets you incorporate third-party apps such as MyEtherWallet and GPG.
  • It supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • It offers unparalleled customer service to users.
  • The Trezor One model is less-costly and yet offers top-notch features.
Security measures of Trezor


  • The Trezor Model T is pricey
  • Some features such as a touch screen are only available in Model T.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Trezor

You can buy bitcoins with Trezor wallet cryptocurrencies via the Accounts Tab option. You can use the bank transfer option, Vista, Mastercard, or credit card to conduct this transaction.


The Trezor crypto hardware wallet is by no means called one of the most secure cryptographic storage devices. It’s easy to set up because the company has optimized the installation process. You can also set the recovery feature. Though costly, the Trever model T has revamped features that enhance your user experience.

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