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Market Expectations Ahead of Tesla Investor Day: What's In Elon Musk “Master Plan 3”

Market Anticipates Tesla Investor Day: Musk’s Master Plan 3

Will Tesla have a new, more affordable vehicle platform in store for us? Analysts are eagerly awaiting the answer to this question at tomorrow’s investor day.

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Tesla (TSLA) is nearing the end of an energizing, six-week climb and its investors are getting ready for Investor Day on Wednesday. 

With CEO Elon Musk promising major revelations at the event such as details related to “Master Plan 3”, stockholders’ excitement is palpable!

It looks like Musk has cooked up something unique to keep them enthralled and on the edge of their seats. There’s no doubt that this long-anticipated event is sure to be edge of your seat exciting for Tesla’s investors!

Investors were likely taken aback when they discovered that Tesla stock has had a weak performance during the chunks of time surrounding many events in the past three years. 

Data backs up this trend, which shows how close to doubling from its January low, Tesla indeed followed its usual historic trajectory of gaining significantly before any major announcements, such as it experienced at 22% increase leading up to the big unveiling of Musk’s next “Master Plan” back in 2016! It was truly an amazing feat.

Tesla (TSLA)
5 years returns TESLA
5 year returns

On Wednesday March 1, Tesla is gearing up for a big day of revelations and market movements. The automotive giant just announced their Gigafactory Berlin hit an incredible milestone – producing 4,000 Model Y cars every single week! 

At this pace they’re on track to manufacture over 200K vehicles in 2021 alone – what could be next? Get ready everyone; all eyes are certainly fixed on the potential TSLA share gains that’ll come with investor day news.

After experiencing a slight downturn on Friday, Tesla bounced back in market trade Monday with stocks climbing 5.5% to 207.63 and regaining nearly 90% of the losses since Jan 6th! 

It’ll be interesting to see how things transpire leading up to their investor’s day event on Wednesday – could it bring about a long-awaited breakout?

There seems to be some anticipation as we all wait for what may develop from this handle formation.

Elon Musk Master Plan III

Elon Musk is set to unveil his mysterious “Master Plan 3” for a fully sustainable energy future with an investor day coming March 1, and the world’s eyes are on Tesla. 

Musk Says………..

This plan builds off what he revealed in 2006- efforts towards widespread Electric Vehicles (EVs) – as well as advances that were made ten years later focused on self-driving capability & battery storage systems.

He asks investors to join at the unveiling of Tesla Engineering HQ in Palo Alto where you can find out more about this ambitious project whose aim is nothing less than saving our beloved planet Earth!

Let there be optimism and hope for all of humankind who believe we have a responsibility to safeguard our environment and make it better, brighter …….and powered by EVs!”

Analysts Expectations Ahead of Tesla Master Plan 3

Investors may not  expect any major product reveals, but they would love to hear the finer details like pricing info, offerings and when it’ll be available. So timing is key!

Still; a new, more affordable electric vehicle could be just around the corner. CEO Elon Musk has teased an EV with a $25,000 price tag for years and CFO Zachary Kirkhorn recently confirmed it’s now top priority!

Though skeptics are doubtful they’ll make good on their 2025 goal of high-volume delivery in that range, we can expect to see HW4.0 hardware revealed by March 1st– making all current Teslas “hardware ready” for full self-driving capabilities in 2016!

On March 1, Tesla is set to pull back the curtain on a brand-new vehicle platform and divulge details around their fourth generation battery production efforts.

From discussing how in-house tech will be playing its part behind the scenes to securing raw materials like lithium necessary for expansion—it’s safe to say Tesla has plenty up its sleeve!

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Sole Supplier Of Lithium?

Tesla is truly the unstoppable force of today’s automotive industry. With its eye on Sigma Lithium (SGML), Tesla aims to take their lithium production processes even higher – quite literally! 

Shares in SGML skyrocketed 16% yesterday following reports that TSLA may be bidding for them, and this follows news of an ambitious plan by Tesla to build a $365 million processing facility right here in Texas- something which could bear fruit as soon as 2024 according to company officials. 

Investors remain optimistic with shares ranking fourth out at IBD’s Auto Manufacturer Industry Group, featuring inspiring ratings such EPS rating – 99 & Relative Strength Rating – 25.


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