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Weekly Market Outlook: Stay informed on the impact of US CPI, FOMC, and ECB decisions this week on global financial markets.

Weekly Market Outlook: CPI, FOMC, ECB In Focus

This week in the currency market, traders should prepare for a series of impactful events and outcomes. Of immediate interest are potential rate announcements from central banks, US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, and significant bond auctions that could each leave imprints on market fluctuations.

Quiet Start with Potential CHF Movement (Monday)

The week kicks off without major anticipated events on Monday. However, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) Chairman Jordan’s speech will be closely watched as it holds the potential to influence the Swiss Franc (CHF).

RBNZ Rate Statement and Kiwi Fluctuations (Tuesday)

Tuesday’s attention turns to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) with their rate statement directly affecting the New Zealand Dollar, commonly known as the Kiwi.

Midweek Volatility with CPI Data and Bond Auctions (Wednesday)

Midweek introduces a flurry of activities:

  • China’s new loans report, CPI y/y, and PPI y/y releases will be watched for their indirect effects on the Australian Dollar (AUD) due to trade associations.
  • The US unfolds its economic health narrative with Core CPI m/m, CPI m/m, and CPI y/y figures—an essential indicator for the health of the US economy and subsequently the USD.
  • Anticipation surrounds the FOMC Meeting Minutes and the 10-year Bond Auction, both expected to trigger movements in the USD.
  • Canada will host the BOC Press Conference with market-moving announcements on interest rates, influencing the Canadian Dollar (CAD).

ECB Statement Effect and US Reports (Thursday)

Thursday may bring waves across the EUR landscape during the European Central Bank (ECB) Monetary Policy Statement. The US pins the day with the PPI m/m report, the 30-year Bond Auction, and weekly unemployment claims, collectively holding the capacity to affect the USD.

GBP and USD End-of-week Outlook (Friday)

Closing the week, Britain’s GDP m/m report is set to create ripples for the Sterling Pound. Also critical is the Preliminary University of Michigan (UoM) Consumer Sentiment, which provides insights into consumer behavior—a strong influencer on the USD.

Key Events and Impacts

Key EventsPotential Impact
Swiss National Bank (SNB) Chairman’s SpeechCould introduce volatility to CHF pairs.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) Rate StatementExpected to shake up NZD values against its partners.
Chinese Economic ReportsPossible indirect impacts on AUD due to economic ties.
US Economic Health Reports and FOMC Meeting MinutesHigh likelihood of influencing USD direction across several pairs.
Bank of Canada (BOC) Press ConferenceCAD currency pairs will be sensitive to interest rate cues.
European Central Bank (ECB) Monetary Policy StatementInvestors will be scanning for signals affecting the EUR.
US Inflation and Employment DataKey indicators for USD strength, potential for significant price actions.

Currency Pairs Daily Analysis

EUR/USD Stagnates Above 1.0800 Amid Quiet Start

The EUR/USD pair remains indecisive as it hovers above the 1.0800 handle. A lack of market stimuli is contributing to the pair’s ongoing consolidation. Traders are recommended to employ caution as a sideways movement dictates the current trend for the pair.

EUR/USD Intraday: Sideways movement expected.

  • Asset: EUR/USD
  • Recommendation: Neutral stance
  • Pivot: 1.0845

Weekly Market Outlook: CPI, FOMC, ECB In Focus

Gold and Bonds Respond to Economic Sentiments

Gold retreats from recent highs as 10-year US Treasury bond yields rise, invoking a pull on XAU/USD’s upward trajectory. The bond market, particularly the upcoming bond auction, is expected to weigh heavily on gold’s immediate future.

Gold Intraday: Potential push to new highs.

  • Asset: Gold
  • Recommendation: Watch for bond auction results
  • Pivot: 2312.00

Weekly Market Outlook: CPI, FOMC, ECB In Focus

BTC Surges Ahead of Halving Event

Bitcoin sees a considerable push, touching $72,650, as the market anticipates the upcoming halving event, traditionally associated with bullish sentiment. The cryptocurrency market is exhibiting a dynamic climate, inviting interest from diverse trader demographics.

Equity Markets Regain Traction

FTSE 100 & DAX 40 Reflect Post-Payroll Recovery

The FTSE 100 made attempts to cross the critical 8,000 threshold but stabilized around the 7,900 mark after recovery sentiment post-NFP data. The DAX 40, Germany’s benchmark index, shows resilience as it moves upwards, navigating around key resistance levels set earlier in the week.

Nasdaq 100’s Corrective Dynamics

US tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 encounters corrective motions yet remains afloat, fueled by strong employment figures driving optimism within the market. Investors remain vigilant of the support levels established in recent sessions.

Traders gearing up for this week in the currency markets are advised to remain cognizant of geopolitical and economic events poised to dictate flows and set the tempo for market sentiment. With an array of pivotal data releases and speeches lined up, readiness to adapt to the unfolding market narratives will be crucial.


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