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Elliot Waves trading idea for SP500 DowJones and Nasdaq

Hello traders and investors. I am Radi Valov, a professional trader. I am trading the financial markets since 2006 and I am here to help. I have extensive experience as an individual professional trader and own a company for market analysis and capital management. I prefer medium and long-term trading strategies and use my own trading systems based mainly on Elliott Wave Theory and Behavioral Finance.

It is a fascinating time to be in the financial markets right now. The financial markets are not only Stocks, Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities.  It is a historical moment for all traders and investors who understand and trade based on Elliott Waves’ analysis. Right now the financial markets are acting like a behavioral book in finance. Prepare to be once again against the crowd.

I will start my Elliott Waves analysis with the Daily trading chart on SP500.

 Elliott Waves analysis with the Daily trading chart on SP500

Despite the start of a small war, missiles, tanks, and so on and so forth. The market is in the right place to end wave 4. Despite the heated forecasts for a stock market crash, head and shoulders formation, economic stagflation, and similar bearish scenarios. I believe that tonight the main bottom is in place. Two months were enough to radically reverse the market sentiment. There are not many bulls on the market at the moment, I no longer see almost any forecasts for 5000+ for S&P500. It is a great moment for traders and investors whose trading strategies are based on the Elliott Waves technical analysis.

 Elliott Waves analysis

The correction for Wave 4 already looks like a completed zigzag (ABC). My expectations were for the end of the correction in the area around 4150, but the market made a slightly deeper move. Confirmation that the correction is complete we will have a break of 4350 for the SP500, 33900 for the Dow Jones, and first and then 4590 SP500 and 35850 for Dow Jones.

The alternative scenario allows the correction to develop as a double zigzag and see another last bottom for the Nasdaq and a double bottom for the SP500. BUT sometimes these last bottoms or peaks are not fully realized at all. (See my analysis of silver from 4 weeks ago)


Whether we see another recent down move or not my expectations in the medium term to see new historic highs for the SP500 and the Dow Jones, Nasdaq will make a deep come back without a new high.

Elliott waves trading signal for Copper


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