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ActivTrader and MetaTrader

ActivTrades Trading Platforms

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The success of the Forex and CFD markets largely depends on multiple factors. One of them is the trading platform, an essential tool for investors. A trading platform is also known as a transaction or investment platform.

For an investor, choosing the best trading platform helps meet your unique preferences and objectives. You can also access several features that will facilitate your trade.

In this discussion, we’ll walk you through an in-depth analysis of ActivTrades trading platforms. Keep reading.

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What Is A Trading Platform?

A trading platform is a medium offered by forex brokers to their clients or trading. It’s basically a computer or mobile platform as forex trading apps that lets you trade in the FX markets through an internet connection.

With the ActivTrades trading platform, you can buy or sell financial instruments offered by a brokerage firm on the securities exchange and OTC or over-the-counter markets in real time. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best investment platforms you can find.

You’ll also get graphs or charts of tools based on real-time quotes.

In the best online trading platform in a forex market, brokers compete by providing traders with better and highly-advanced technologies on their platforms.

As the world evolves and becomes more dynamic, new trends emerge each day. Hence, brokers must keep up with the pace by developing their businesses and improving the existing offers.

The best trading platform has several tools and features facilitating trade and analysis.

Some of these tools are useful for the following tasks;

  • Technical analysis
  • Drawing features for analyzing graphs
  • Interpreting current market data
  • Accessing analysis and essential statistics.

ActivTrades offers traders a sophisticated online trading platform that enables you to implement your solutions and test various automated investment strategies.

As well, you get to benefit from ongoing access to forex resources, educational materials, training, and courses. Most importantly, you can access one-on-one trading consultations with industry experts.

ActivTrades Trading Platforms

As one of the best forex broker platforms, ActivTrades offers custom day trading platforms such as the ActivTrade and those rented from third parties such as the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Here we explore these platforms and provide a detailed review of each.

ActivTrades ActivTrader

The ActivTrades Trading platform is an enhanced interface with highly advanced technology and top-notch features. It’s developed to offer investors the ultimate trading experience.

In this online trading platform, you can access multiple financial markets as well as exchange 1000 plus CFDs. You can also access commodities, forex, shares, ETFs, and financial & indices.

Here are the top tools of the ActivTrader

  • Progressive Trailing Stop is a highly-advanced feature that protects your revenues when you install extra tiers. If the market attains the set trigger prices, this automatically changes your Trailing Stop distance.
  • Another feature is the TrailingStop which is a form of a stop loss. It helps trail or track the current market price of your open position. Subsequently, it places your stop order upon attaining a certain distance from your order.

It’s different from the normal stop orders that normally take effect after attaining a specific price. The Trailing Stop offers you maximum control in the market by avoiding risks and protecting your profit.

  • The Hedging feature is a risk strategy that lets you offset volatile price movements when you invest in the same products but differently. It’s the best stock trading platform because you can have two open positions on EUR/USD, both long/short, to minimize the risk.
  • The Market Sentiment function monitors the direction or how the market is moving. It helps you predict the behavior of other traders towards a particular financial market and hence make informed decisions.
  • Charts are powerful tools that enable you to explore and interpret historical data or trends. There are more than 14 chart types and various precise indicators.

ActivTrades MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 trading platform has been available for over 15 years and is the most widely used. It is available for many brokers and is endorsed for use by professional and beginner investors alike.

The ActivTrades MetaTrader 4 platform is highly enriched with many features, is easy to use, and is highly intuitive.

As one of the best forex broker platforms, you can get unique conditions to invest and use the trading tools. You’ll also have access to EAs or Experts Advisors, including developing your technical indicators.

The ActivTrades MetaTrader 4 platform has the following features;

  • Strategy setter
  • Available in 21 different languages
  • Historical data available
  • Price alerts, including trailing stops
  • Nine different time frames
  • Fifty(50) different pre-installed technical indicators.

ActivTrades MetaTrader 5 Platform

The ActivTrades MetaTrader 5 Platform is packed with modern features to enhance your trading experience.

Here, you’ll have access to over 500 CFDs on securities and ETFs to provide the best stock trading platform experience.

You can also net off various positions by reversing the current trade in your stock trading platforms. If you have multiple positions in a single contract, the positions will be put into a single one in a FIFO(First In First Out) manner to net out open positions.

ActivTrades MetaTrader 5 Platform has the following features;

  • All-inclusive trading statements
  • Price alerts, including trading stops
  • Access to current economic news
  • Historical trends and data
  • Advanced strategy tester
  • 21-time frames
  • Eight order types
  • One click trading

ActivTrades Trading Tools

Besides the above features, you’ll also get access to a wide variety of Smart Tools to enable you to kickstart trading and enjoy the best stock trading platform.

Best Forex Broker in UK

  • The SmartOrder app is a unique product of ActivTrades, which enhances the functionality of the ActivTrades MetaTrader 4/5. It helps boost your trading speed and manage different positions.
  • SmartLines is another tool that allows for automated execution in the available charts depending on Trendlines. This tool allows you to manage various charts at the same time. Thus, you don’t have to keep on monitoring the price movements in the forex trading platforms.
  • The Smart Calculator allows you to identify various riks available. You can simulate various trading scenarios by having different leverages.
  • The SmartTemplate tool provides you with simple and highly-effective functions. You can easily navigate complicated mathematical formulas with little IT knowledge by using the add-on feature to indicate long/short trading opportunities.
  • SmartForecast is an advanced technical analysis tool available in the ActivTrades MetaTrader 4. It allows you to view the market and analyze the evolution of prices or movements in the forex trading platforms.
  • SmartPattern is a robust indicator available in MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms for Live clients. It detects the chart patterns and scans historical trends.
  • Professional investors use Pivot Points Indicator as a highly-predictive indicator of current price movements in stock trading platforms.

How to use ActivTrades Trading Platforms

Forex and CFD market companies offer various online trading platforms to their clients. ActivTrades platforms are designed to achieve the same goal and allow investors to enter the market.

Current day trading platforms for stocks and forex have similar features and tools and differ mainly in technology, interface, and detail, which often determines their success.


If you are a beginner trader, choosing the right platform is important for forex trading platforms. Regardless of your level of experience, a forex trading platform is an essential tool. With the ActivTrades trading platform, you can place orders, execute transactions, manage your portfolio and analyze charts.

Fortunately, ActivTrades offers a helping hand through free demo accounts. In this way, you learn about the best trading platform, tools, and features present in the real account.


  • Zahari Rangelov

    Zahari Rangelov is an experienced professional Forex trader and trading mentor with knowledge in technical and fundamental analysis, medium-term trading strategies, risk management and diversification. He has been involved in the foreign exchange markets since 2005, when he opened his first live account in 2007. Currently, Zahari is the Head of Sales & Business Development at TraderFactor's London branch. He provides lectures during webinars and seminars for traders on topics such as; Psychology of market participants’ moods, Investments & speculation with different financial instruments and Automated Expert Advisors & signal providers. Zahari’s success lies in his application of research-backed techniques and practices that have helped him become a successful forex trader, a mentor to many traders, and a respected authority figure within the trading community.