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2023 Crypto Outlook: BTC and Altcoin Predictions

Key Highlights

  • In 2022, the value of bitcoin experienced a significant decline, falling over 60%. 
  • Those who made forecasts about the value of bitcoin did not accurately predict its movement.
  • There are some market participants who are making bold predictions about the price of bitcoin for the coming year, despite the possibility of continued volatility.
  • According to data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView, the BTC/USD exchange rate was hovering around $16,500.
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There is a range of predictions for the future of bitcoin in 2023. Some believe that the digital currency could see a significant rally, with estimates ranging up to a 1,400% increase in value.

Others are less optimistic, with some predicting that bitcoin could fall by as much as 70%. It is important to note that these predictions are highly speculative and should be viewed with caution, as the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile and unpredictable.

The cryptocurrency market experienced a difficult year in 2022, with over $1.3 trillion in value being lost. 

Among the various cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, the largest by market capitalization, saw its price drop significantly, declining more than 60% during the year. 

In 2022, the cryptocurrency industry experienced a number of setbacks, including the failure of the stablecoin project terraUSD and the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX. 

These events, combined with a deteriorating economic climate, caught investors off guard and contributed to the decline in the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Many predictions about the price of bitcoin in the past year were not accurate, as the market was highly volatile and difficult to forecast.

As 2023 begins, some analysts are making bold predictions about the future of bitcoin and its price. 

However, these forecasts should be viewed with caution, as the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be highly unpredictable. 

Investors are also keeping an eye on other factors that may impact the market, such as rising interest rates and the ongoing developments in the FTX saga.

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Boldest Price Predictions of The Bitcoin In 2023

Tim Draper

Tim Draper, a well-known bitcoin bull, made a prediction in 2022 that the value of bitcoin would reach $250,000 by the end of the year. 

Nonetheless, in November of that year, he revised his timeline and stated that he now expects this milestone to be reached by mid-2023. 

Draper remains optimistic about the future of bitcoin, even after the collapse of FTX, and believes that the coin will eventually reach this high price point. 

To reach a value of $250,000, bitcoin would need to experience a rally of approximately 1,400%.

Despite the depressed prices and reduced trading activity in the market, Draper believes that there may be signs that the market has reached a bottom. 

He points to the upcoming “halving” event in 2024 as a potential catalyst for positive price movement.

The “halving” or “halvening” is an event that takes place every four years in which the reward for bitcoin miners is cut in half. 

This event is seen by some investors as positive for the price of bitcoin, as it reduces the supply of new coins being added to the market. The next halving is expected to occur in 2024.

Bitcoin miners, who use specialized machines to verify transactions and create new bitcoin, have been facing challenges due to the recent decline in bitcoin prices and the increasing cost of energy.

These miners often accumulate large amounts of digital currency, making them significant sellers in the market. 

As they sell off their holdings to pay off debts, this can remove some of the selling pressure on bitcoin.

According to Vijay Ayyar, Vice President of Corporate Development at crypto exchange Luno, in the past, “miner capitulation” (the act of miners selling off their holdings) has often been a sign that the market has reached a bottom. 

When the cost of mining becomes higher than the value of bitcoin, some miners may choose to shut down their machines or sell more bitcoin to keep their operations running.

If the market can absorb this selling pressure from miners, it may indicate that the market has reached a period of stabilization. 

Standard Chartered

In a research note published in December of 2022, Standard Chartered stated that bitcoin could potentially fall as low as $5,000, which would represent a decline of approximately 70% from current prices. 

This prediction is one of the bank’s “surprises” that it believes are being underestimated by markets.

According to Eric Robertsen, this scenario would involve a drop in yields and technology shares, as well as a decrease in investor confidence in digital assets due to a lack of liquidity leading to further bankruptcies among crypto firms and exchanges. 

Robertsen noted that while this scenario has a non-zero probability of occurring in the year ahead, it falls “materially outside of the market consensus or our own baseline views.” 

It is important to note that these are highly speculative predictions and the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile and difficult to predict.

Mark Mobius

In May of 2022, veteran investor Mark Mobius made a prediction about the future price of bitcoin. 

He forecast that the value of the digital currency would fall to $20,000, while it was trading above $28,000 at the time.

Future price of bitcoin

Source: Yahoo Finance

Mobius predicted that bitcoin would fall to $10,000 in 2022, but this did not come to pass. Despite this, he is sticking to his prediction that the price will reach $10,000 in 2023. 

The investor, formerly of Franklin Templeton Investments, explained that his bearish outlook on bitcoin is due to rising interest rates and tighter monetary policy from the Federal Reserve. 

He stated that higher interest rates make holding or buying bitcoin less appealing because it does not offer any interest.

Carol Alexander

Professor Carol Alexander of Sussex University predicted that bitcoin would fall to $10,000 in 2022, which did not occur. However, she now believes that cryptocurrency could experience gains in the near future. 

She attributes this potential increase to further dominos falling in the aftermath of the FTX incident. 

If this were to happen, Alexander predicts that the price of bitcoin could reach $30,000 in the first quarter of 2023 and $50,000 by the third or fourth quarter. 

She believes that the market will experience a managed bull market, with stable trending prices and brief periods of range-bounded prices, rather than a bubble. 

Alexander suggests that this will be due to the intervention of big investors or whales who will help to support the market. 

According to River Financial( a fintech company), one of the richest bitcoin wallet addresses holds up to 14.15% of the entire bitcoin supply.

Some investors have given up trying to predict the price of bitcoin. Antoni Trenchev, CEO of crypto lending platform Nexo, has had a change of heart and is no longer trying to predict the price of bitcoin. 

Trenchev had previously predicted that bitcoin would reach a peak of $100,000 by early 2023.

Laith Khalaf, the financial analyst at AJ Bell, also thinks it is futile to try to forecast bitcoin’s price due to the market being heavily driven by sentiment.

Current Bitcoin Price Prediction

At its current price, Bitcoin is facing significant technical resistance at $16,660. If it can break through this level, it could potentially continue to rise. However, $16,750 is also currently acting as a resistance level for the cryptocurrency. 

A breakout above this point could lead to a surge in price, potentially taking Bitcoin up to $16,950.

Current Bitcoin Price Prediction

Technical indicators such as the relative strength index (RSI) and the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) are currently indicating a potential pullback for Bitcoin. 

However, the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) is currently acting as a significant barrier, and if prices do not rise above this level, it is possible that the price could drop to $16,500. 

In this scenario, $16,350 and $16,100 could potentially serve as initial support levels for BTC.

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