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Silver with color blue

Elliott Waves Signal for Silver

First, let us look at 2 older charts: 

The first one is from 1910. See the chart below.

100 year chart

The second chart is from 1965.

See the chart below.

Silver Price in US Cents since 1968

I see the movement from the beginning of the last century to the 1980s as the primary upward impulse move for the first wave {I} of the Grand Super Cycle. After that, the price movements from the 80s  until 2020, have a structure of a Flat correction. I have been able to find for this period, and I would say positively that this is probably a complete flat correction for a wave {2}. In my opinion, after the bottom in 2020, this flat correction is complete and we are in the early stages of developing a very large upward movement.

Wave chart for silver

As can be seen from my chart, after the bottom of 2020. I see the rise as a first small-scale wave 1 that is the beginning of a huge upward movement that will unfold in the coming decades. After the peak of wave 1 from August 2020. The flat correction for wave 2 is developing again, which is currently at its end. I expect the area around 19.80-20.30 to be very solid support and if the price manages to reach these levels at all, it will be the end of Wave 2. A critical point for the whole analysis is the bottom of 2020.  -11.20$.


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