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EUR/USD Stabilizes as Investors Anticipate Key Data Updates, Focus: Nonfarm Payrolls, (PCE) Price Index

📢 Steady Momentum for EUR/USD! 📈

💪 EUR/JPY Seeks Further Gains

⚖️ GBP/USD Finds Support

✨ Gold Holds Steady

📊 Upcoming Economic Data Releases

💼 Central Bank Decisions

🕊️ Dust Settles on Jackson’s Hole Symposium

🎙️ Don’t Miss RBA Designate Governor Michele Bullock’s Insightful Talk at Sir Leslie Melville Lecture! 💬💰

💼🌍💸 Stay informed and adapt your trading strategies based on evolving market conditions.

Steady Momentum for EUR/USD


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Investors are anxiously awaiting important data releases from the Euro area and the US as the EUR/USD pair remains near the 1.0800 mark. Traders seem cautiously optimistic, with the Euro displaying a buying bias at this level.

The pair’s stability indicates that market players are eagerly anticipating economic indicators to determine the currency pair’s future trajectory.

EUR/JPY Seeks Further Gains


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The EUR/JPY analysis suggests that the currency pair is strongly focused on reaching the 160.00 mark, indicating continued strength for the Euro against the Japanese Yen.

This could represent potential trading opportunities for traders as significant movements may occur.

GBP/USD Finds Support


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After a period of decline, the GBP/USD pair has found support and is currently staying below the 1.2600 level .

This technical correction comes after the pair fell below 1.2570, and it may provide some relief to traders who were concerned about further downward momentum.

Gold Holds Steady


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As the US yields move sideways, the price of gold holds steady above $1,910 . Gold has long been considered a safe-haven asset, and its stability suggests that investors are seeking refuge amid uncertainties in the financial markets.

Upcoming Economic Data Releases

This week, investors will be closely watching the release of key economic data. Germany and the Eurozone will publish preliminary estimates of the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) for August .

These inflation figures will provide insights into the state of the Eurozone economy. 

Additionally, the US will publish the July Core Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index, multiple employment figures, and the highly anticipated August Nonfarm Payrolls report .

Also expected is the CB Consumer Confidence Index due for release on Tuesday. This index measures the level of consumer confidence based on surveyed households and provides valuable insights into the overall state of the economy.

The release frequency is monthly, with the data typically being released on the last Tuesday of each month. A higher-than-expected reading compared to the forecast is generally seen as positive for the currency.

On Friday, Canada is set to release the GDP m/m (Gross Domestic Product month-on-month) metric, which could have an impact on the Canadian currency.

The GDP m/m is an important economic indicator that measures the monthly change in the inflation-adjusted value of all goods and services produced by the Canadian economy. It provides insights into the current state and performance of the national economy.

These releases will offer valuable information about the strength of the US economy and may impact the USD’s performance in the currency market.

Central Bank Decisions

It is essential to consider the decisions made by central banks when analyzing currency movements. The European Central Bank (ECB) aims to maintain price stability and control the money supply, while the

Federal Reserve System (Fed) focuses on keeping the unemployment rate low and inflation around 2% .

Investors keep a close eye on any statements or actions from ECB President Christine Lagarde and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, as their words hold the potential to influence currency markets.

RBA Designate Governor Michele Bullock’s Insightful Talk at Sir Leslie Melville Lecture

Prepare to be captivated as RBA Designate Governor Michele Bullock takes the stage at the prestigious Sir Leslie Melville Lecture at the Australian National University in Canberra.

As the head in waiting of the central bank, Bullock holds immense power in shaping the value of our currency through short-term interest rates.

Traders hang on her every word, as she adeptly drops subtle clues about the future of monetary policy.

Dust Settles on Jackson’s Hole Symposium

The overall takeaway from the symposium is that markets have adjusted their expectations regarding rate cuts after the Federal Reserve’s hawkish stance. Hopes for early rate cuts and a “Goldilocks” scenario have diminished. 

Any data points this week indicating a deterioration in economic conditions or the health of the US economy may lead investors to reinforce their bets on potential rate cuts.

The benchmark 10-year US Treasury bond yield is currently trading at 4.21%, slightly lower than the peak it reached last week at 4.3618%. Yields could experience a slight decline as the market has adjusted its interpretations of the Jackson Hole communication.

Following Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech, traders are open to profit-taking as they reassess the potential for a “Goldilocks” scenario. The repetition of the content in Powell’s speech dampened hopes for an early scenario, leading to higher yields and pushing rate cuts further into the future.

The US Dollar has been rallying since mid-July, driven by the higher interest rate differentials compared to currencies such as the Euro (EUR/USD) and Japanese Yen (USD/JPY). However, profit-taking may occur as traders digest the Jackson Hole speech and observe a shift towards riskier assets.


The currency market continues to present opportunities and challenges for traders. The EUR/USD pair stabilizes near 1.0800 as investors await this week’s key data releases. The performance of major currency pairs like GBP/USD and EUR/JPY, along with movements in gold prices, are being closely monitored by market participants. 

Additionally, the upcoming economic data releases from Germany, the Eurozone, and the US are expected to provide valuable insights into the state of the global economy.

Traders should remain vigilant and adapt their strategies based on the evolving market conditions.


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