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Market Outlook for the Week: Key Events and Reports

DateEvents and Reports
Monday10-year Bond Auction in the United States
TuesdayRBA Governor Bullock Speech
Britain’s Claimant Count Change
Average Earnings Index 3m/y
WednesdayKey Inflation Metrics in the US
Britain’s GDP m/m Report
ThursdayNew Zealand’s GDP q/q
Australia’s Employment and Unemployment Rate
SNB Policy Rate and Press Conference
Bank of England’s Monetary Policy and Official Bank Rate decisions
ECB Policy Statement
ECB Press Conference
Main Refinancing Rate
Key Reports from the United States
FridayChina’s Industrial Production y/y
Eurozone Flash Manufacturing PMI
Flash Services PMI
BOC Governor Macklem’s speech
Empire State Manufacturing Index

Traders Brace Themselves for a Busy Week Ahead

Today marks a relatively calm day in the market, allowing traders to catch their breath before a flurry of important events and reports set to shape the week. While today’s focus lies on the eagerly anticipated 10-year Bond Auction in the US, let’s take a closer look at the upcoming events that are poised to influence traders’ decisions.

The 10-year Bond Auction in the United States

The 10-year Bond Auction stands out as a crucial metric that measures the highest yield on 10-year government bonds sold through an auction. Traders closely monitor this auction’s outcome as it provides insights into market sentiment, risk appetite, and inflation expectations.

Tuesday: RBA Governor Bullock Speech

RBA Governor Bullock is expected to make a speech with potential cues regarding monetary policy changes, interest rate direction, and potential impacts on currency markets.

Britain’s Claimant Count Change and Average Earnings Index 3m/y

The release of Britain’s Claimant Count Change report offers insights into the health of the UK labor market. Meanwhile, the Average Earnings Index indicates the rate of wage growth, both of which have substantial implications for traders.

Wednesday: Key Inflation Metrics in the US

Wednesday will witness the release of key inflation metrics in the US, including Core CPI m/m, CPI m/m, and CPI y/y. These reports gauge changes in consumer prices and significantly impact market sentiment, interest rate expectations, and currency movements. The 30-year bond auction on the same day provides additional indicators of market sentiment.

Britain’s GDP m/m Report

Britain’s GDP m/m report, released on Wednesday, offers insights into the country’s economic growth rate on a monthly basis and influences trading decisions.

Thursday: New Zealand’s GDP q/q and Australia’s Employment and Unemployment Rate

The release of New Zealand’s GDP q/q offers insights into the country’s economic performance, while Australia’s Employment and Unemployment Rate figures provide important indicators of the labor market health.

Additionally, events such as the SNB Policy Rate and Press Conference, Bank of England’s Monetary Policy and Official Bank Rate decisions, ECB Policy Statement, ECB Press Conference, and Main Refinancing Rate will significantly impact currency pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD.

Key Reports from the United States

Thursday also brings crucial reports from the United States, including Core Retail Sales m/m, Retail Sales m/m, and Unemployment Claims. These metrics help assess consumer spending trends and labor market conditions, influencing market sentiment, economic growth forecasts, and currency movements.

Friday: China’s Industrial Production y/y, Eurozone Flash Manufacturing PMI, and Flash Services PMI

Friday’s reports offer insights into manufacturing and services sectors, significantly impacting trading decisions, particularly in currency markets. Additionally, BOC Governor Macklem’s speech and the Empire State Manufacturing Index provide guidance on the Canadian dollar and the state of the US manufacturing sector respectively.

As traders brace themselves for this busy week, these events and reports will serve as critical indicators for market sentiment, economic health, and potential currency movements. Stay tuned for updates and be prepared to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult with a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.


  • Phyllis Wangui

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