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Traders Expectations Ahead of JOLTS Report, Bitcoin Price Falls

Traders Expectations Ahead of JOLTS Report, Bitcoin Price Falls

In the latest financial news enveloping currency markets, the JOLTS report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics—a key indicator of job vacancies in the U.S.—is set to offer fresh insight for traders examining labour market conditions and their potential ripple effects on currency value. Additionally, significant price movements in major currencies and Bitcoin have prompted a slew of analyses and recommendations.

EUR/USD Faces Downward Pressure post US PMI Release

EUR/USD Intraday

The Euro paused its early gains against the U.S. Dollar (USD), experiencing bearish pressure in the American session on Monday. Trading conditions saw EUR/USD descending to a low unprecedented since mid-February, slumping below the 1.0750 mark. Unless the pair recovers and stabilizes above 1.0760, a further nosedive to the 1.0700 threshold might be imminent.

This intraday opportunity in the spot market showcases a mixed to bearish RSI, signifying potential for further decline. This analysis sets the stage for calculated trading decisions in the EUR/USD landscape. Stay vigilant and poised for action in this dynamic market scenario.

Traders Expectations Ahead of JOLTS Report, Bitcoin Price Falls

GBP Finds Support Amid Positive PMI Data

The Pound Sterling found a semblance of support after slipping to a six-week trough in proximity to the 1.2540 region. S&P Global/CIPS Manufacturing PMI for the United Kingdom offered some buoyancy, climbing past anticipated levels to breach the pivotal 50.0 mark, signaling an expansion in the sector. This recovery, mirrored in production and orders, was attributed chiefly to a boost in domestic demand, but the Cable’s broader appeal still wanes as speculators adjust their expectations for the Fed’s next moves.

Australian Dollar Traverses Sideways

AUD/USD Intraday

The Australian Dollar exhibits a trend of lateral movement against the backdrop of a reinforcing US Dollar. Despite the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)’s minutes reflecting a stagnant standpoint on interest rates, Chinese Yuan’s downslide to a four-and-a-half-month nadir is extending the necessary backbone to China’s economic prospects. Adding to this complexity is the US Dollar’s strength courtesy of encouraging manufacturing data from the United States.

For the AUD/USD currency pair, recent market insights are pointing towards a strategic move: Recommendation: SELL at an entry price (Pivot) of 0.6510. Setting target and take profit levels at 0.6470 and 0.6455 respectively, with risk managed at 2% per trade in this intraday trading scenario within the spot market. Observations suggest that resistance at 0.6510 is poised to restrict upward movement, hinting at a potential decline in the near future.

Traders Expectations Ahead of JOLTS Report, Bitcoin Price Falls

Bitcoin Price Adjustment Amid Market Shift

BTC/USD Intraday

In the digital currency sphere, Bitcoin’s price metrics suggest a potential reset of the bullish stance following a decline that pierced through 7% at the dawn of April. BTC/USD is managing a precarious balance near $66,000 after a swift downturn. Despite the discontent apparent among leveraged long positions, certain market observers spotlight optimistic forecasts underpinning Bitcoin’s trajectory.

In the domain of BTC/USD trading on an intraday basis, a bearish sentiment looms with a key resistance level at 68290 signifying a strategic opportunity. The recommendation stands firm at SELL, aligning with an entry price (pivot) set at 68290, targeting the levels of 64310-65180 for take profit, while managing risk at 1% per trade within the spot market environment. Observations reveal a downward trend as the RSI remains below 50, coupled with a negative MACD below its signal line, painting a negative configuration that supports the notion of a downtrend in the BTC/USD landscape.

Traders Expectations Ahead of JOLTS Report, Bitcoin Price Falls

Traders are advised to keep a close watch on the unfolding economic indicators and policy-shaping comments from the Fed, as these could significantly affect market dynamics and trading strategies. Stay informed and trade wisely.


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