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Core & Main, Inc. Leads Earnings Reports

Here are the key expected earnings for the week starting with Core & Main, Inc which has a $3,8B market capitalisation.

Core & Main, Inc

On September 13, 2022, before the market opened, Core & Main, Inc. (NYSE: CNM) released its quarterly earnings. The report covered the accounting quarter that ended in July 2022. 

The consensus estimate for EPS for the quarter, based on analyst projections, was $0.53. For the same quarter last year, there was a reported EPS of $0.1.

Although not a revolutionary change, it is encouraging to see that the share price of Core & Main, Inc. has increased 12% over the past three months. The stock’s decline over the past year is not great. However, it outperformed its market, which dropped 14%.

Despite a year-over-year decline in share price, Core & Main’s EPS increased. Naturally, the situation might reveal prior overconfidence in growth.

Throughout the year, there is a sizable difference between the EPS and the share price. Therefore, it’s important to look into some additional metrics.

The revenue at Core & Main has increased by 44% since last year. Since the share price decline cannot be easily explained by the fundamental metrics, there may be a chance that the market has overreacted. 

Oracle Corporation

The quarterly earnings reported by Oracle (ORCL) fell short of the consensus estimate of $1.07 per share, coming in at $1.03 per share. This contrasts with earnings per share of $1.03 in the prior year. These numbers have non-recurring expenses taken into account.

An earnings surprise of -3.74% is represented in this quarterly report. When this software provider actually posted earnings of $1.54 per share as opposed to the $1.38 expected, it came as an 11.59% surprise to investors. 

After the $28 billion acquisition of Cerner was completed during the quarter, Cerner made a $1.4 billion contribution to Oracle.

The business has twice outperformed consensus EPS forecasts over the past four quarters. 

Planet Labs

On Monday, Planet Labs PBC released third-quarter financial results that exceeded analysts’ expectations and revenue projections.

On the basis of $48.45M in revenue, Planet Labs PBC reported earnings per share of $-0.07.’s poll of analysts predicted an EPS of $-0.135 on $42.4M in revenue.

Its shares are currently trading at $5.42, down from their 52-week high, down 43% from the start of the year.

Hyzon Motors Inc.

On September 14, 2022, Hyzon Motors Inc. is expected to report earnings. Once the company discloses the actual earnings date, analysts may change this date in the future. The analysts’ consensus estimate for EPS for the quarter is $-0.11, according to their projections. For the same quarter last year, there was a reported EPS of $-0.1.

Adobe Inc.

On September 15, 2022, following the close of business, Adobe Inc. The report will cover the accounting quarter that ends in August 2022. According to analyst projections, $2.65 per share in EPS is the consensus estimate for the quarter. During the same quarter last year, the reported EPS was $2.65.

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