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Chess board and Bitcoin

How to trade cryptocurrencies?

Lots of investors love trading cryptocurrencies because they are more volatile than any other financial instrument out there. The extreme volatility they create gives big opportunities for loads of money to be made and lost. Cryptocurrencies give huge returns compared to traditional investments. 

You have a big choice of cryptocurrencies. Choose wisely. There is no best or worst. To start trading, first, you have to pick one or more cryptocurrencies to create your portfolio. Important in this case is also your target. All crypto investors use their cryptos for different cases. For example, Bitcoin is mostly preferred by investors as they use it as a reserve asset because it has widespread adoption. 

Many of the biggest cryptocurrencies projects are in the top 50 market capitalization of cryptocurrency. Some are small, some are big, as equity in companies. You always have to make sure you do your research, before jumping into any trades. Always make sure that behind the crypto of your choice, there is a solid team backing the project. 

All of the cryptocurrencies have one thing in common: they all operate on blockchain technology, making them decentralized. 

If you don’t like taking big risks, then don’t trade cryptos. High returns are made with taking high risks. 

To trade cryptocurrencies, you need to apply for an account at a crypto brokerage. Here are 2 cryptocurrency brokers, we would recommend: Alchemy Markets and Eightcap 

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