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GBP/USD Steady Ahead of U.S. PPI Data Amid UK Surging Retail Sales

The financial markets are bustling with activity as traders closely monitor a mix of currency movements and commodity price shifts. Within this vibrant tableau, two headlines stand out: the anticipated U.S. Producer Price Index (PPI) data release and Britain’s unexpectedly robust retail sales figures.

These elements are shaping today’s market analysis as investors seek insights into the direction of Oil prices, the GBP/USD pair, and the impact of economic indicators on currency valuations.

EUR/USD Lingers Above 1.0750 Amidst ECB Comments

Softened by Renewed USD Demand

In the currency space, the Euro to U.S. Dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate remains subdued above the 1.0750 mark. Investor sentiment has been tempered owing to a resurgence in demand for the U.S. Dollar coupled with dovish rhetoric emanating from European Central Bank officials.

As the world turns its gaze towards various ECB members for guidance, a parallel focus remains on incoming U.S. data that could sway the markets significantly.

EURUSD Daily Chart

EUR/USD’s current stagnation above 1.0750 follows a favorable run, maintaining gains over the prior two sessions. Although technical indicators suggest burgeoning bullish momentum, the absence of strength above the 1.0800 threshold leaves the prospect of an upwards breakout in uncertain territory.

EUR/USD Intraday

The Fluctuations of the GBP/USD Amid UK Retail Triumph

Inching towards the Great Britain Pound against U.S. Dollar (GBP/USD) dynamics, the pair continues to meander around the 1.2600 level following the UK’s latest retail data showcase.


The reported 3.4% jump in retail sales in January – a figure that eclipses analysts’ 1.5% increase forecast – seemingly failed to inject vigor into the Pound Sterling, leaving market participants pondering over the subtleties of currency fluctuations against economic reports.

GBP/USD Intraday

Despite the transient weakening of the U.S. Dollar post-Thursday’s adverse retail data, the GBP/USD managed to reverse a multi-day losing streak. However, the pair’s ascent was constrained upon reaching the 1.2600 resistance point. The statement from Megan Greene, a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, highlighting the need for sustained restrictive policy, casts an additional dimension to the ongoing narrative.

Oil Prices Dip on IEA Demand Forecast

Balancing Geopolitical Strains and U.S. Rate Cut Expectations

Turning to the commodities markets, oil prices are experiencing a slide, instigated by the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) downgraded oil demand growth forecast which casts a shadow on the otherwise supportive backdrop of geopolitical unrest and looming possibilities of a U.S. Federal Reserve rate cut.


Consequently, Brent crude futures witnessed a decrease of 53 cents to $82.33 per barrel, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures receded slightly by 33 cents to $77.70. This cautious dip comes after an affirmative spike the previous day, driven by the albeit convoluted anticipation that the Fed may ease off on rate hikes – an assumption that would typically bolster oil demand expectations.

As traders brace for the latest PPI data out of the United States, the overarching questions of future oil demand trajectories and central bank policies continue to fuel speculations and investment decisions within an ever-evolving global economic landscape.

WTI Crude Oil Intraday

WTI Crude Oil Intraday

Crude Oil (WTI) continues to showcase a bullish momentum in the market. The asset is recommended for a BUY with an entry price (pivot) at 77.10. The target and take profit levels (TP) are set at 78.50 and 79.00 respectively. Given that the RSI is technically above its neutrality area at 50, the market trend appears to favor positive gains. However, investors are advised to cap their risk at 1% per trade given the intraday period in the spot market. Remember, due to market volatility, some of the key levels may have already been reached and scenarios played out.


Despite stubborn U.S inflation, WTI prices are up 4.51% Year-To-Date, indicating a steady upward trend. Recent reports also show that oil prices have risen more than 1%, shaking off weak 2024 global demand forecasts.


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